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The Clear Island Waters suburb consists of three precincts; ‘The Moorings’, ‘The Capes’ and ‘Island Quays’.
 A man made 261 hectare lake surrounds Clear Island Waters offering all waterfront properties a unique wide water view.

The lake is suitable for boating and fishing, with boats entering through a lock and weir system. A forty-foot boat is able to pass through the lock, with lock access cards being available from the Gold Coast City Council for a small fee.
 For more information or to obtain an application form, please visit:  or to view a video with footage of the lock – click this link

The Clear Island Waters lake is non-tidal and stays at a relatively constant level, thanks to the Gold Coast City Council’s navigation lock. For local residents this means they enjoy a midge free waterfront environment unlike some other canal waterfront suburbs which are situated on tidal water. (Biting midges are sometimes referred to as sandflies, and can cause quite an annoyance to humans).

 For some residents this is why they will only ever choose to live in Clear Island Waters. During heavy rain the lake overflows to the canal system via the Bermuda Street weirs and the Boobegan Creek lock.

Clear Island Waters is central Gold Coast, being five minutes drive to the famous Gold Coast beaches, world class shopping centres, great schools, ‘Jupiters Casino’ and many fine restaurants and cafes.


Clear Island Waters has an array of parks which are suitable for dogs to play off leash, children to play and ride bikes, or just a morning stroll. Overall it is a very friendly community to live in.

Aquatic vegetation – Generally, the more plants there are in and around the water, the better the water quality. Aquatic plants, whether submerged or fringing, are often mistaken for weeds. Most of the submerged plants in Clear Island Waters are native species that act as filters to remove nutrients from the water column, which helps to improve water quality and clarity. They also provide habitat and food for fish and birds and stabilise bottom sediments. Submerged vegetation is ‘trimmed’ as part of a harvesting program and its growth is usually dependant on climatic conditions. It grows rapidly during warmer months particularly if there is plentiful sunlight and there are high levels of nutrients in the water. Fringing vegetation includes reeds, rushes and grasses that grow around the edges of the lake. Because of their ecological value, Council does not remove them. They filter nutrients from stormwater, provide habitat for birds, frogs, turtles and young fish, prevent erosion and trap litter before it enters the lake. The lake is left to function as naturally as possible, to provide a refuge for flora and fauna. It is therefore constantly changing in response to changes in the environment and vegetation will grow in different places at different times.

Lake maintenance – The lake is left to function as a natural system and refuge, for flora and fauna. Maintenance is limited to periodic harvesting of submerged vegetation to allow boat access and regular water quality testing. Council’s Pest Management Unit regularly inspects the lake for pest plant and animal species. The Clear Island Waters community also has a responsibility to protect the Lake and when individual, positive actions are combined, the lake can continue to provide enjoyment to residents and protect the many plant and animal species that rely on it. For more information on how you can protect the lake, contact Council on 07 5581 6722 or visit

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